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ASP.NET ‘null’ value returned when using getValue() on nullable object

Following this question and this one, I’m trying to get my problem to work.
In my service the following function gets called:
[WebMethod(EnableSession = true)]
public virtual HttpStatusCode CheckForDelete(String userCode, Nullable delete)

Here is what the user code looks like:
userCode = “DDD”;
delete = false;
delete.HasValue; // OK
delete.HasValue = false; // OK

var result = service.CheckForDelete(userCode, delete);
return (int) result;

So, it seems that the Nullable object has some kind of magic to get the default value and when you set the HasValue = false, the check for delete fails.
I also tried to construct it like this:
var delete = new Nullable() { HasValue = false };
result = service.CheckForDelete(userCode, delete);
return (int) result;

But it didn’t work either.
I can’t call this from the.aspx page as it is rather an internal component of the service.
Anyone has an idea how to work around this?


Nullable is a struct. That means that it is just like any other value type, in that it can implicitly convert to its underlying type.
This happens to be a value type of bool, which means that your Nullable is implicitly convertible to bool without any code in your program actually making that conversion happen.
In other words, you were asking the Nullable to do its work by implicitly converting itself to bool. It did that, and the bool resulting from that conversion matched what you set the HasValue property of the Nullable to.

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