Systran 6 Premium Translator 6.00 [~]

Systran 6 Premium Translator 6.00 [~]


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Featuring an intuitive, minimalist user interface, a comprehensive database of over 3,000 commercial and academic phrases and built-in dictionaries.
Mar 16, 2019
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Aug 25, 2011
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Why does the following code work while another one doesn’t?

I have 2 simple classes:
class A {
private int i;

class B {
public void foo(A a){

Why is it not giving me an error?


All of those classes are compiled into a single class, and there’s no mention of any A in the compiled class. This means that calling a.i is allowed, since that’s just calling a field, with no mention of any class (and there are no static fields either).
However, the JLS 9.6 explains in detail how this works:

If a variable or parameter is declared as a reference type, then it is possible to refer to the variable or parameter through a direct (nondynamic) access of the form “&” to obtain a reference to the variable or parameter.
In addition, a variable or parameter may be declared in such a way that it can be accessed by a simple name; such names are called direct or simple names. A direct or simple name may be used to refer to any variable or parameter, including a parameter of another method.

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