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Generally, when you give a lecture with the projector, the display content on the projector is the same as your notebook computer, this is very inconvenient. In the course of the speech, if you do any other works, for example, reading rough draft prepared for the speech, record ing the questions of the audience, the operations will all display on the projector. This can disturb the audience.
Presentation Aide can help you to do the private works in your computer but just show the parts that you want to the audience.
Presentation Aide is a tool, it can run in Notebook computer or PC which support two monitors(in generally, most fashionable Notebook computer can support two monitors).
When you give a lecture or make a speech with computer and projector, Presentation Aide will greatly help you. The second monitor can mirror the first monitor synchronously , but, without something such as Presentation paper window and a Memorandum window. So, you can see something prepared in the first monitor, but audience can not see them in the second monitor!
Presentation Aide also provide Screen Mark and Whiteboard function, it will take a best effect!
Here are some key features of “Presentation Aide”:
■ Presentation Aide provide a small tool window, you can get all function through mouse click.
■ Presentation Aide provide Presentation paper function, the user can open Presentation paper window in the first monitor. But, the audience can not see the Presentation paper window in the second monitor.
■ Presentation Aide provide Memorandum function, the user can open Memorandum window in the first monitor. But, the audience can not see the Memorandum window in the second monitor.
■ Presentation Aide provide Screen Mark function, the user can make marker on the static monitor. This will be very useful.
■ Presentation Aide provide Whiteboard function, the user can draw on the whiteboard.
■ Graphics mode 800×600 with 16-bit colors, support two monitors
■ 10 MB free hard disk space at least
■ 500 MHz processor
■ 512 MB RAM
■ The unregistered version can only mirror monitor within 10 minutes each time







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A presentation assistant is an application, which can be used for private works.
The presentation assistant will display content of your first monitor as well as the content of your presentation tools such as tables, graphs, images, videos and the like. The changes of display content in the presentation tools will be reflected on the first monitor.
The presentation assistant shows the same presentation tools, such as table, graph, image, video, etc.
You can work in your presentation tools in the first monitor and you can see the content of them in the first monitor and you can see the content of your presentation tools such as table, graph, images, videos, etc. in the first monitor
And you can also see the presentation tools in the second monitor.
There is also no limitation to the display window width, so you do not need to specify the size of the display window.
The presentation assistant can use sound, video and USB devices for the private works.
With the updated of the Technology, now the present application can use two monitors with same performance to fulfill the requirement of “Three Monitor” at home and abroad.
There are 5 major functions of the presentation assistant. They are:
■ Presentation paper
■ Memorandum
■ Screen Mark
■ Whiteboard
■ Sound
Presentation paper is a toolbar for you. You can open the Presentation paper window and draw figures. You can also get the background picture from the computer. The tool bar also has sound function, font, color and other function. When you click the tool bar, the first monitor will display the whiteboard.
■ Memorandum is a toolbar. You can create memo in the tool bar and the memo will be added to the first monitor. When you click the toolbar, the first monitor will show the memo window and the memo will be written in the memo window.
■ Screen Mark is a toolbar. It can display on the static monitor, you can start the marker. The point can be shared with other people.
■ Whiteboard is a toolbar. You can draw figures or pictures on the whiteboard. When you click the whiteboard, it will show the figure or pictures on the monitor.
■ Sound is a toolbar. It has function such as Adjust volume, Adjust sound, Slow/Fast playback, Mix.
■ Font is a toolbar. It contains 5 fonts, you can choose your desired font. When

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Presentation Aide are a little program that creates a whiteboard in one monitor and a paper window in another monitor, in this way you can have

your entire desktop presentation displayed on one screen. When you have finished, you can just flick the top button to put Presentation Aide back into icon mode. There are also shortcut keys for the various functions.
Presentation Aide is developed using Swing and AWT, it is compatible with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
2. Screen Mark
Screen Mark is a handy tool for marking up images or other documents, using X-Windows, provided by Presentation Aide. Screen Mark is a stand alone application. You don’t need an X-Windows/desktop environment. It also runs in Java and can be downloaded from the FAQ section. Screen Mark can draw lines and arrows on the screen to help you in your presentations. It runs on any X-Windows System and supports many operating systems. Screen Mark runs on PCs with Win 98 or better. This tool is perfect for displaying handouts, wall charts, and images of documents. You can use Screen Mark to mark up diagrams, charts, drawings, and presentations.
Note: You can use Screen Mark to mark up pictures, charts, or presentations you want to send

to your audience.
3. Whiteboard
Whiteboard is a small tool, in brief it is like taking a piece of paper and drawing on it, and erasing it. Whiteboard is a stand alone application. You don’t need an X-Windows/desktop environment. It also runs in Java and can be downloaded from the FAQ section. You can use Whiteboard for jotting down points, doodling, and occasionally for school work.
You can draw lines on the screen with Whiteboard.
The drawing will be a flat, thin line that will appear in the same color as the background. You can use any of the standard X-Windows tools to draw the lines.
With Whiteboard you can draw arrows, rectangles, circles, hexagons, ovals, and freeform shapes.
All lines are drawn using pixels, each pixel is drawn in the same color as the background.
When you want to erase a portion of the line you have drawn, you can drag it out. A “rub” line is created along the edge of the line. A thicker, darker line is drawn at the base of the line

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Just insert the CD, start the installation, and then use it as you wish!
Please contact us at: (Call center)
When purchasing our software, please register a free download with your name and email address.
Use Presentation Aide as a complement of your notebook computer and facilitate the editing process. It will allow your lecture or speech to be more instructive, accurate and attractive.
The product can be used for making a presentation on PowerPoint, word, android, Iphone apps, and so on.Q:

What permissions should I use for my TFS project’s folder?

I am using VSTS to manage my TFS projects, and I want to create a build definition that I can use to build my.NET Framework 4.6.2 project.
I do not have a build machine, so I need to use the files from my project’s directory to start building.
When doing so, I receive the following error:

An error occurred while trying to process the request.
Check if the project is published to source control.
Consider the following administrative tasks:
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You can create a build definition that runs under a particular user and has access to a particular context. These contexts are set up using user and machine accounts. When you create a new build definition, this section is highlighted.
In your case

What’s New in the?

Presentation Aide is a presentation software to help you create beautiful slides from your hand written text.
Simply by writing on a Notepad (or PDF or HTML) document, the Presentation Aide will generate a beautiful presentation for you and your audience in a matter of minutes.
Just double click on the presentation you created, and the Presentation Aide will begin its magic with a slide showing the same content as your document.
You can use the presentation as a handout, and distribute it to your attendees along with your presentation content. You can use Presentation Aide to generate a 30 page handout for your three hour seminar.
Presentation Aide is a powerful presentation software with many features.
1. Make stunning presentation from your hand written document in minutes.
2. Write on PDF and HTML.
3. Create high resolution images for presentation and drawing.
4. Export PowerPoint-compatible output for PowerPoint.
5. Save the output in high resolution JPEG, GIF and TIFF.
6. Easily search for all words in the document by mouse.
7. Delete words or portions of the document when done.
8. Export all the information in the document as comma-separated values, easily exchange and automate.
9. The presentation can be password protected.
10. Put a copyright notice on the output.
11. Include sound to make the presentation more impressive.
12. Generate a whiteboard screenshot and markers.
13. Run as an embedded application on your Web server.
System Requirements:
1. Windows system
2. Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2010
Please email us for further information and more screenshots and a video demo.
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System Requirements For Presentation Aide:

-Requires a desktop computer.
-Desktop computer is a reference device, not recommended for small displays.
-One XBOX One controller, one XBOX 360 controller or one Wireless 360 DualShock 4 controller (retail).
-One 3.5″ or larger floppy disk drive
-One USB port (varies by console)
-A copy of “FINAL FANTASY IX (GC)”.
Download on STEAM
This game is distributed with the following restrictions:
1. It is only distributed for use on

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