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Working as an insurance agent requires you to handle massive amounts of paperwork, which can be a time-consuming and inefficient activity, productivity-wise.
However, relying on specialized software, such as Motor Survey Plus, can help you save precious time by providing you with a selection of useful tools.
Hassle-free setup
You can install this application on your computer without great difficulties since you are not required to perform any additional configuration during its setup.
The only necessary actions are toggling desktop shortcut creation and following the on-screen instructions. This program also requires Microsoft Report Viewer to be installed on your computer, but if it is not available, you can download and install it directly from the setup menu.
Comprehensive layout
Motor Survey Plus' interface is a user-friendly one and packs multiple features, which can be easily accessed and operated without significant efforts. Therefore, it can be used by a broad range of computer users, regardless of their PC skills.
However, users must have medium to advanced insurance-related knowledge to benefit from this program's capabilities to their full extent, especially since this utility lacks a standard help manual.
Generate survey reports and bills
You can turn to this application if you need an intuitive way to create survey reports and statements that you can save to your computer or print, depending on the situation.
From the main screen you can select whether you want to access the Survey section of the application or the Billing one. Generating a survey or a bill can be accomplished by providing the tool with the necessary details, such as reference number, claim type, insurance period or assessment details.
Claims can be archived or restored, according to your needs, by navigating to the Archive Claims section under the Options menu. Additionally, it is possible to perform a backup by specifying a location on your computer and toggling a couple of parameters: compression and date-filename appending.
Handy application that can help you generate claims and bills
All things considered, Motor Survey Plus is a reliable tool that can simplify your work as an insurance agent by providing you with straightforward claim and bill generating tools. Installing it on your computer can be done effortlessly, its interface is simple and user-friendly, and it also features backup and restore support, so that you can prevent your data from getting damaged or lost.







Motor Survey Plus Crack Download

You probably already know that a car can cause a lot of damage to your home, and your insurance provider will not reward you for this.
If you don’t, you can get a free car assessment using our app.
It will show you what damage you can expect and what you can do about it, so you can build a stronger and more responsible insurance policy.
You can also report your claim to your car insurance provider immediately.
The app also includes automatic saving to your calendar or push notification if there is a policy change, and you can easily view the cost of your monthly policy.
All in one App
Motor Survey Plus has a number of useful features that allow you to effectively and efficiently do your work.
Some of these features include:
• Automatic saving to your calendar.
• Generate survey reports and bills.
• Generate and generate reports.
• Generate and save reports and bills.
• Assess driving risk.
• View and manage your rate.
• Backup and restore your data.
• Automatically set a snapshot of your account.
• View your account and your premium.
Handy application
Motor Survey Plus is a computer program that allows you to build a stronger insurance policy.
Automatic saving to your calendar.
Generate survey reports and bills.
View and manage your rate.
Backup and restore your data.
Assess driving risk.
Collect your driving history.
• Automatically set a snapshot of your account.
• View your account and your premium.
Online insurance policy or claim
Motor Survey Plus is a safe and easy way to generate and generate claims.
• Assess driving risk.
• Collect your driving history.
• View and manage your rate.
• Backup and restore your data.
• View your account and your premium.
• Generate survey reports and bills.
• Generate and generate reports.
• Generate and save reports and bills.
• Automatically set a snapshot of your account.
• Collect your driving history.
Pre-installed free option
Motor Survey Plus is a handy insurance

Motor Survey Plus Crack [32|64bit]

Motor Survey Plus manages motor insurance. The program also helps you perform the required tasks associated with submitting a claim.
What’s in this version: v1.3.1 [31 Jul. 2013]

The file size: 1.26 MB

This program does not require Internet connection during its setup, and it can be installed on multiple computers.

Install and get going:

Download the complete ZIP package to the desktop.
Right-click on the file and select “Extract all”. (This does not add the application to your computer; it only extracts the files to a folder on your desktop.)
Double-click on the extracted file. The application opens to the Main window.
Select the “Add to Registry” option on the Tools menu. You can confirm the installation by selecting “Startup programs” on the Tools menu.
Click the “Next” button.
Choose the option “Customize installation”.
Click the “Next” button.
Select the option “Finish.”
Please be aware that the application might come with a license agreement. Accept it.

You should now have installed this program and can start using it.
Saving/restoring data:
Archiving and restoring are two of the most widely used methods for saving information from one location to another.

This mode allows you to archive a claim or a backup. This allows you to permanently save data to the “Archive” folder on your computer.
To do this, open the “Archive” mode on the Help menu.
Select the “Archive” option.
Enter the reference number. The auto-complete feature is turned on by default.
Click the “Start” button.

You can restore a claims or a backup to the current system on the “Archive” menu.
Select the option and follow the on-screen instructions.

During the install process:
— You will be asked to locate the desktop shortcut that you wish to keep (if any) and will also be asked where you wish to place the application. Be sure to tick the “Create shortcut” checkbox. Click “Ok.”
— You will also be asked to choose which program to associate with this application. By default, the Visual Basic runtime is selected. This is not a requirement. We recommend using the default since this option is typically already selected. Click “Ok.”
— You will then be asked where you wish to

Motor Survey Plus Incl Product Key

Unlock the power of Motor Survey Plus with the most powerful, most accurate vehicle software of its kind!
Motor Survey Plus provides comprehensive vehicle software that is loaded with all features, in addition to mobile applications designed to make your job easier in real time. This software makes it possible to create reports by simply organizing vehicles, users and survey methods, and automatically generates bill statements for multiple vehicles. Plus it offers custom vehicle software that can be loaded and used to upload, edit and update vehicles to the Motor Survey Plus database, where they can then be searched by searching a vehicle’s barcode or a user’s phone number.
The future of vehicle software
Motor Survey Plus is built using the most current and up-to-date technologies. It is the only vehicle software to include the ability to save vehicle contents and customise reports in any language. It also includes time-saving features such as an AR/COV™ System – which automatically logs all vehicle checks and captures information about them including time, date, location, details and actions taken, from mobile devices.

Motor Survey Plus
Motor Survey Plus
Motor Survey Plus
Motor Survey Plus


I see at least one (1) company call themselves a (10) Motor Survey:
All the only one I see are all using the same company, ImiAutoTech, that just has these sites:

Motor Survey
Auto Insurance & Recovery
Auto Survey Questions
Auto Survey
Auto Owners Survey
Auto Survey Questions
Motor Survey Ideas
Motor Survey Answers
Auto Survey Pro
Auto Survey Help

It appears those sites are the same company from the fact they use the same logo (in the image below, first one is different). And they all redirect to this main Auto Survey site.

Since “Motor Survey” is a brand, it may appear different to a person who may just be a motor vehicle inspector and they may not know anything about the software of the company.
Also, when I search, for the exact question, “auto insurance” as a search term, the top results are

But, when I search for “Auto Insurance Survey”, the top

What’s New In Motor Survey Plus?


Key Features:

Fetch your insurance quote

Solve your insurance queries and keep them up to date using an online quote matching engine. Expected insurance premiums based on multiple inputs including policy types, conditions, age, geographic location and more.

Perform retrospective payments

Track your payments and keep all the documents organized using the payment history tab. Easy to use and highly customizable interface will help you collect your payment history data and make it easier to spot missing payments or late payments.

Get an overview of your data

Once you import your data, view a real-time report of all claims and payments associated with a particular policy. Also, you can browse the whole history of a claim or a policy in one go.

Perform standard reports and estimates

Generate your annual premium estimates, annual premium breakdown or premium adjustment in a few minutes. Print high-quality premium rates, invoice your customers and renew policies using advanced formulas.

Manage your files

Keep your claims, payments and other documents in one place using search and browse options available. Also, store your insurance files in multiple formats, including png, doc, pdf and xml.

Backup and restore your data

Backup and restore your data and make sure that all your claims, payments and other documents are protected against hard disk crash and other data loss incidents.

Generate policy statements

Transform your premiums into ready-to-print policy statements. Print your premium statements and statements for client, in a form that can be sent to your customers.

Manage clients and contacts

Keep your business in order by organizing your clients, contacts and other important information in one place. Also, view an overview of your active clients and contacts in one place.

Send and receive emails

Generate a high-quality and professional email, within a few clicks of your mouse. Easily send and receive emails with your clients, contacts, and other important information.

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System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/2003/XP/Vista (32-bit/64-bit)
Mac OS 9.0/10.0/10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7 (32-bit/64-bit)
Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later, Firefox 3.0 or later, Chrome 3.0 or later, or Safari 3.0 or later

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