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AutoCAD is a complete suite of 2D and 3D CAD tools that can be used by both professional and non-professional users. The first version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2, came out in 1985. Since then, more than 300 new features have been added to the application, as well as around 500 new commands and functions. All releases of AutoCAD are free for evaluation, but a license to use AutoCAD is required to purchase one or more regular upgrades to AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is currently available in two editions: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Architecture. AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Architecture differ in the number of features and functionality that they provide, as well as in the price. AutoCAD LT is for beginners who are starting out with CAD, and AutoCAD Architecture is for experienced users who require the latest features.

AutoCAD LT is the lite edition and is designed for use by students and hobbyists, while AutoCAD Architecture is for professionals.

Before you get started

You’ll need an Internet connection and an Internet browser. You can use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.4, or a Linux distribution.

After starting, the Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2016 application runs in the background. If you switch to a different program or turn off your computer, Autodesk AutoCAD LT runs in the background until you shut down your computer.

Make sure that you have an Internet connection to use the online Help and to create and access your My Autodesk account.

To learn how to create and edit projects

You can create a new project from scratch or load an existing project. A project is made up of a drawing and any attached files. To create a new project:

On the Home tab, click New Project to open the New Project dialog box.

On the Type of Project menu, click 2D Drawing to start the 2D Drawing tool.

In the Location field, browse to a location to save the file.

On the Drawing Type menu, choose 2D from the list, and then choose drawing type. For example, choose Drafting and then choose 2D Drawing from the list.

On the Drawing Style menu, choose a drawing style, such as architectural. Click OK to create your new project.

To load an existing project

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“ObjectARX is a C++ class library that enables AutoCAD programmers to integrate AutoCAD with other applications and systems. Developers can use the ObjectARX API to automate AutoCAD in C++ or any other language.”

AutoCAD XMLExtension (AXE)
AutoCAD 2010 introduced the External XML Extension (AXE) file format which is intended for the exchange of information between two applications. It is the source format used by the XMLExchange utility and XMLExchange.exe for exchanging data between AutoCAD and other applications. The utility is available as a program and a command-line program.

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# C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Adt\adt17\cmake\modules\autocad_install

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Easily enhance, apply, and edit existing markup and point-of-sale information with your drawing tools. Markup Assist makes it simple to add markup to your design, understand how it’s applied, and correct errors.

Draw, Edit, and Export to PDF:

Intuitively find, edit, and export to PDF the information you need most. Your drawing tools draw, edit, and export to PDF without you having to perform extra steps.

Make your drawings more adaptable with dynamic object properties, including scale, rotate, angle, and mirror settings, and autorotate.

Your drawings will now automatically open in enhanced viewing modes such as DesignCenter and Drawing Viewer.

Add a dash of whimsy to your drawings with added customization of ViewCube, in-drawing information, and the improved ripple effect.

Quickly jump to any drawing on a shared network drive. No longer do you need to keep track of where you’ve stored your drawings.

Add solidness to any editable line and spline, including automatically editing complex polylines and ellipses.

All rendering, including line style, fill, transparency, shadows, and linetypes, can now be edited directly on the drawing canvas.

Drawing Tools:

Create and use many new drawing tools, including arrowheads and straight lines, polyline snap, and polyline intersections.

Use rendering-enhanced selection tools, including box selection and polyline selection, to improve your ability to create complex paths and polylines.

Move, copy, and change the appearance of objects, including linetypes, markers, and text.

Draw curved paths, and quickly convert to spline, circular arc, and elliptical arc.

Replace an existing line object with a new one, including polyline snap and spline, to create continuous and seamless editable lines.

Add a gradient fill and gradient shadow to lines, solids, and fills.

Make over-the-shoulder placement easier with enhanced 3D wireframe tools.

Implement toolbars to customize the drawing experience.


Add new measurement systems for tic-tac-toe, pickets, and more.

Choose from nine new point-of-sale systems including pickets, t

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6300 CPU @ 3.20GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with 256MB of VRAM
Storage: 600 MB available space on the SteamOS installation drive
Additional Notes: Optimized for Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 and AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6000 and newerThe Hilariously Funny ‘All in the Family’ Cameos

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