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AutoCAD is used for a variety of industry-specific purposes, including 2D and 3D design for building projects, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, and technical drawing. AutoCAD is also used for 2D drafting (straight line and perspective drawings), 2D and 3D drafting (3D models), and to-scale modeling. In addition to using AutoCAD for personal projects, some professionals also use it to create CAD data for use in large-scale design, architectural, engineering, manufacturing, and construction projects.

AutoCAD’s primary use is for designing and drafting, although it can also be used for model-making, 3D printing, and animation. It is often marketed as a collaborative tool for working with others. AutoCAD has many features and options. Users can assign dimensions to a point, line, or curve and measure angles and distances.

AutoCAD can perform many types of functions. Users can create and edit 2D and 3D drawings, models, and annotate drawings. They can export drawings to a variety of formats, including PDF, EPS, PDF, DXF, DWG, EMF, STL, JPG, GIF, PNG, AI, and WAX.

To begin using AutoCAD, you need to install the software on a computer. AutoCAD can run on computers with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. In addition to Windows, AutoCAD is also available for macOS, iOS, and Android mobile devices.


AutoCAD contains many features that are helpful for professionals. Here are some of the features that you can use in AutoCAD:


Themes can make it easier to find commands and features. In addition to altering the color and style of your drawings, you can change the look of your drawings on the screen and even use different line weights and line widths. You can use a theme for your drawings that is compatible with the look of your company’s logos, colors, fonts, or any other graphics you want to use in your drawings. You can create and save your own themes.

A stock chart and graphics options

You can use stock charts to show information about markets or to show trends in your drawings. You can also use stock charts to display technical data or to create time-series charts. Stock charts can be used in AutoCAD drawings and you can change the look of the stock charts.

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third-party AutoCAD tools
The following are third-party software that use or incorporate AutoCAD and/or AutoCAD LT:

Autodesk Lifecycle, is a cloud-based asset management software and asset tracking system, incorporating AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, that provides an end-to-end lifecycle management solution. AutoLISP API’s allows users to program in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT from a web browser.
Autodesk Visual and Functional Design, is a cloud-based design tool with a drag and drop user interface for designing for various industries. It allows users to build their own architecture. Visual and Functional Design works in conjunction with the Autodesk 3D Warehouse.
Autodesk Freshdesk, Inc., is a cloud-based contact center software for automating and scaling support requests. Autodesk’s BOMS (BOM’s for Users) database model, used by Autodesk Freshdesk, is based on the BOMXL (Business Object Modeling Language) standard.

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Category:Windows graphics-related softwareX-Plane 6


Updated from 7.14.2

Welcome to the Upcoming Changes list for version 6.2.

NOTE: As noted in the announcement, these changes will go into the 7.14.x release branch first. The release branches will be updated after the 7.14.3 release of X-Plane 11.

If you notice any issues with any of these updates, or have suggestions for improvement, please report the bugs in the X-Plane section of the website.

X-Plane 6.2.0 Highlights

Flight Control Customization

You may notice that in previous versions of X-Plane, Flight Control had not been as customizable. This release includes the ability to customize Flight Control and the configuration profiles included in X-Plane that can

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I’m not sure where to look for the problem, though, since the failure isn’t due to any missing packages or libraries. I think it’s more of a run-time thing.


For me it was a RAM problem, the memory needed by the cron task exceeds the physical RAM. This problem has been discussed on Unix/Linux forum.


As a developer, what are my responsibilities if I create and maintain a product

As a software developer I get to work on a product which I am not fully aware of what the actual development is going to be.
In addition the product owner is responsible for the product so what I usually do is just do my thing and when the user complains that the product is buggy I have no way of knowing why it is behaving like it is.
So as a software developer, what are my responsibilities if I create and maintain a product? Should I just do what I am told and leave it at that?
I understand that if I say I want to change the requirements (which I don’t) that I will likely be told to leave it alone.
So my

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Automatic Layout and IntelliCAD:

IntelliCAD with the new Rendering engine lets you put more of your drawing into a single screen, enabling you to use only the part of the screen that matters. (video: 1:30 min.)

Prism Visualizer:

Automatically display information about your drawings in the tooltips and sidebars that accompany your design tools. (video: 1:40 min.)


A new project format for 2017 brings CADD to a new level of quality and simplicity. The ability to quickly pull information from other models, or models and other data can also be incorporated into the new project format. By making project formats available in a global format, and by using a single global project format, the ability to share design documents and collaborate within a team is increased dramatically.


New simple markups to help you quickly make changes to your model. These markups are intended to make it easier to communicate with clients or stakeholders in a simple way, and you can add more detail as needed. Use the linked text to add more information, or download the Text Markup for even more control.


This release includes support for a new project file format, the XML Project.

The new features and enhancements in this release address various scenarios that you may encounter in your daily design practice, including:

1. Markups

The ability to import and export markups to other formats, such as Word.

Support for XML Project Format:

The XML Project is designed to provide a single, global project file format for multiple applications, and the ability to easily share multiple project files between applications.

Simplified Image Import

Quickly import images into your drawings with the Image Import tool, which is now also integrated with the markups tool.

Improved AutoRig:

The AutoRig functionality has been enhanced to include more options, and the creation of stylized views has also been improved.

Improved Polyline and Polyline Arc Edge Tools

The ability to place a polyline and polyline arc along a curve, such as an edge or face, has been improved.

Additional Connections

The additional connections that you can create between the profile and profile face tools in architectural and mechanical design have been enhanced.

Dxf Writer

The ability to export

System Requirements:

Windows® 7
Windows® XP
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The Algol68 Runtime engine
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This is not a game or

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